Sunday, March 9, 2008

PXXX and The Teacher - Short One

May peace be upon you,

I would like to share with you a very short story, yet meaningful especially to all of us as students. Supposedly, I got an accounting test this morning (the moment I write this article); but ‘unfortunately’ ;) , the test so does the class have been cancelled by our teacher. The pinnacle of the whole story went like this. There was a conversation between one of my colleague (usrah mate on duty for this week) and the teacher. The teacher called him and here is the dialogue.

Teacher : PXXX, the test and class tomorrow have been cancelled.
PXXX : Excellent !
Teacher : My aunt had just passed away……
PXXX : (deep in the heart..) OUCCCCHHH!!!!

Hence, the moral of the story is don’t celebrate the cancellation of your test or class in front of your teacher. Thank you!

p/s : Kepada PXXX, kome pun nantinye jadi cikgu jugok! ;)

Note : This story had been posted in my previous blog in friendster.

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maisarahmanas said...

mcm knal je gye PXXX tuh.. :)